Best Cities for Single Men

harder erectionsMAXODERM will make you last longer in bed and give you a harder erection. That is all fine and good, but what are you going to do with all that gusto if you don’t have a girlfriend? The problem may not be you. Geography plays a big part in dating scene.

Although different measurements will yield slightly different results, Washington D.C, New York City, Raleigh, N.C, and New Orleans, L.A all rank as highly desirable for single men. The number one factor is of course the number of single women. New York City has 180,000 more single ladies than men. Generally these woman are well to do and the divorce rate in NYC in generally low. Raleigh boosts similar stats plus a hefty dose of outdoor attractions and southern hospitality. Once you have your MAXODERM, you may need make your way to the nearest urban area to meet a woman to use it with!

Of course, not everyone can move. Jobs, other commitments and hometown pride are strong incentive to stay put. Don’t get down on yourself however, at least you are not living in China. The gender imbalance in China is expected to reach 30 million more men than women by 2020.

Sweaty Sex Is Better Sex for Her

hard erectionFor some men, the allure of lasting longer in bed is great but also a bit of a problematic prospect. Many of us sweat extensively inside and outside of a sexual experience. The self-consciousness that sweating profusely can cause for many of us can make keeping a hard erection even more difficult than it already is. While we might be tempted to utilize an erection-extending penis cream, we might also be afraid that every extra moment in bed is another opportunity for us to soak our lover in sweat.

Well, we are here to put those fears to rest. While the prospect of soaking a partner in sweat might seem impolite or even downright disgusting, biologically it is meant to be. When a man sweats during sex, his sweat is loaded with testosterone. That testosterone is felt by a woman, and it is actually an incredible turn on. This means the more you sweat, the better the entire experience will feel for whatever lucky lady is being drenched in these masculine juices.

So lasting longer in bed should remain a priority, whether it is the steamiest months of the year or the landlord has the heat in your apartment running a little too hot.

Romance Is Great, But Improving Your Erection Is Better

improved erectionSo you have planned a beautiful and romantic evening. You are spending money on dinner, a nice suit, and some entertainment, all in hopes of impressing your special someone. Chances are your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Nice gestures go a long way in dating.

Still, all of that wining and dining will be for nothing if things do not go well in the bedroom. If you don’t have a hard erection to impress your object of affection, sexually you are doomed to have spent all that time and money for nothing.

Luckily, while you are throwing cash around on lavish dinners and expensive wine, you can buy something to help you last longer in bed and improve your erection. That does not just mean that the duration of the sex will last longer. It means the overall quality will be undeniably better as well. An improved erection is harder and actually bigger.

While it is nice to spend some time romancing a new partner, with the right sexual chemistry it practically becomes beside the point. Ideally, you will sit across from your partner for an expensive candle-lit dinner and then spend the entire time ripping their clothes off and getting them off. This is what everyone wants.

Penis Creams To Keep Up with Young Lovers

last longer in bedCall it “the magical allure of youth” or the “shell-shocked result of a bitter divorce,” but middle-aged men often find themselves dating younger women. In these women they might see a chance to reclaim something they lost along the way, while women see stability and maturity. Sexually, however, the pairing can be a little hard to handle.

Men in their 50s see a steep decline in sex drive as well as a drop in sexual stamina. Meanwhile for women in their late 20s and early 30s, their sex drive is actually peeking. The result is a man that might be in a little over his head or a woman who might be going to bed unsatisfied.

Increasing stamina and sex drive is one of the things our penis creams are built for. With Vivaxa you can last longer in bed than many of your middle-aged peers, even those on imperfect prescription erectile dysfunction medications.

Of course you might feel that this will not solve the problem of your declining sex drive. Luckily, building the desire for sex is self-fulfilling. Each and every day you use our creams to get a harder erection you are going to want sex more and more. It is like a sexual centrifuge in that the momentum is eventually self-generating.

Sex and Health Benefits

harder erectionsThere are numerous proven health benefits to sex and countless others that are supported by evidence and anecdotes but have not yet been studied to the point that we can claim them 100% valid. What we do know is that more sex is linked to a healthier heart, less depression, longer life, better sleep and a better relationship with your partner. Sex is like any other physical activity, avoid it long enough and your performance can suffer. MAXODERM is a penis cream that is perfect for people who are rediscovering sex.

Many people give up on sex because they begin having trouble maintaining an erection. This is typically due to age, stress or health. MAXODERM gives you harder erections, allowing you to enjoy sex again. This in turn plugs you into a positive feedback loop. You have more sex which makes you healthier and happier, which in turn allows you to have more sex.

Don’t think that the benefits are purely physical. More sex has been linked to higher self-esteem and confidence. Just by having sex you are tapping into a wellspring of mental, physical and emotional benefits. MAXODERM gives you the power to take that first step.

Improve Erections for Tantric Sex

improve erectionsDiane Keaton is healthy as ever at the age of 67. She recently stopped by Ellen to talk about a new movie, and Tantric sex. For those unfamiliar, Tantric sex is a form of intercourse that can last for hours at a time. It is suggested that the sexual release of an orgasm can be experienced for hours at a time. You read that correctly, hours of orgasm.

Of course when women in Diane Keaton’s age bracket are talking up the joys of days-long sexual experiences, the pressure is officially on for men to last long in bed well into their 70s. For many men, the embarrassing red face and weeks of ineffectiveness are a deal breaker for popular prescription penis medications. You want to improve erections now so that you can have sex for hours. Luckily our penis creams can help satisfy any woman, whether it is a 67-year-old Diane Keaton or a 20-year-old Selena Gomez.

Mastering the art of Tantric sex is going to take patience for anyone, but more than patience it is going to take a long lasting erection–not just an erection that lasts longer than a normal sexual experience, but one that lasts longer than an installment of Lord of the Rings. We are here to help.

Sexual and Emotional Fulfillment with Improved Erections

improve erectionPremature ejaculation is nothing to laugh about. Sure, friends might toss around some playful jabs at each other, but if they knew there was really a problem, they would never again bring it up. All men are sympathetic to how terrible a consistently disappointing performance in bed can be. Many men have seen the lack of a long lasting hard erection as stifling their entire romantic life.

MAXODERM’s penis cream is a vital first step in dealing with the problem of performance in the bedroom. With just a little bit of the cream, you can assure that you last longer in bed. Even as you improve erection performance, you also have to consider getting deeper for yourself and your partner. The key is not simply to have longer lasting sex, but to take that extra time to make the sex a more overwhelmingly positive experience. For a couple just getting over a long spate of premature ejaculation, this can take time.

If you take that time though, you will open up new worlds, not just in your sex life but in your relationship with each other. This is a pathway to finding real emotional and sexual fulfillment at the same time.

Quit Masturbating and Last Longer in Bed?

PENIS CREAMBeing a better man is something at the forefront of developments in the world of self-help literature. There are a lot of conflicting reports, but a recent movement among some men is suggesting that abstaining from masturbation might be a good route towards bettering oneself.

This week’s New York Magazine features an article about what is being called on reddit and other Internet communities as the “No Fap Movement.” The theory is that things like pornography and frequent masturbation are forever altering men and sapping them of their masculinity in favor of a constant need for stimulation.

While science is skeptical about the effects of not masturbating on masculinity (and in many cases even suggest that regular self stimulation is a positive), many members of this movement suggest abstaining from masturbating has made them appreciate women more and last longer in bed.

Self-improvement of course is one of MAXODERM’s primary goals. We want our customers to use our penis creams to better their relationships with the women they love through deeper, more satisfying sex. In general, we think you can last long in bed without sacrificing your “me time,” but we are, as always, very open to the prospect of anything that will build a more meaningful connection to the world.

The Eco-Friendly Sex Toy That Could

last long in bedIf you’re trying to keep things interesting and fun in the bedroom, there are two accessories you can take advantage of: MAXODERM male cream for him, for harder erections and to last long in bed, and vibrators and other toys for her, to keep things playful and maximize her pleasure. One sex toy company in particular just saw a huge boost in popularity when they announced a new product. Unfortunately, that product doesn’t exist.

The Swedish manufacturer Lelo announed their newest toy, the GÄSM, an eco-friendly, 100% sustainable vibrator made of recycled wood pulp and car tires, powered by twisting an Allen wrench and sold in separate pieces to be assembled by the customer, just like that other famous Swedish brand.

The  news was met with enthusiasm, and media outlets like the Daily Mail ran with the story, trade journals raved and retailers couldn’t wait to start selling the new product. This all came as a surprise to Lelo, however, who mocked up and announced the GÄSM as nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke.

But thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reaction, Lelo has decided to turn their prank into a reality. The recycled car tires are out, but it can be made using recycled silicone, plus the hand crank and low-packaging delivery are expected to stay as well. The GÄSM might be showing up in bedside table drawers soon enough, right beside that bottle of MAXODERM.

New Study Might Suggest Male Cream Makes You Happier

last long in bedIn another of our long series of sex news that begs the question “duh?”, a recent study from the University of Colorado Boulder says that having more sex than your friends makes you happier.

Obviously most of us do not begrudge our friends their own happiness. Most of us hope they are having a high quality sex life, one that shopping for the male creams we are always discussing here offers. Then again, as humans we cannot help but compare our own achievements against those of folks around us. This means that if you hear from friends that their sex life has petered out, you will feel infinitely better about your own robust sex life.

By contrast, knowing that someone else can last long in bed, and does on a regular basis, can make you feel inadequate about even a pretty solid sex life. The phrase being bandied about related to this study is that people want to “keep up with Joneses sexually.”

The study is entitled “Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness: How Other People’s Sex Lives Are Related to Our Sense of Well-Being” and was published in a recent edition of Social Indicators Research. For us, it is a rousing and arousing endorsement of our male creams.