The Science of Better Sex

harder erectionsThe past 10 years have seen a radical increase in our knowledge of sex. This has allowed for highly effective treatments for various sexual dysfunctions. MAXODERM was formulated by doctors who understand the science of sex. Let’s talk a bit about how it works.

To maintain an erection you need to maintain blood flow to your member. As you age, your circulatory system begins to weaken. It’s the same reason the older you get, the more winded you feel after running to catch a bus or going up a flight of stairs. The blood in your body just isn’t flowing as quickly as it once was to your lungs and muscles. The same is true of an erection. Blood simply is not flowing to your penis in the way it did when you were 20. MAXODERM dilates the vessels in your penis, allowing you get and stay hard. Don’t take our word for it. One application of MAXODERM and you can feel it working, giving you a harder erection. There is no arguing with that!

Millions of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point. Don’t stress out wondering if something will go wrong during a given roll in the hay. Use MAXODERM and you will have a firm, functioning penis every time.

Love Over 40


Don’t get down about dating after 40, be proactive!

Although millions of people over 40 have found love online, there are still a lot of die-hard holdouts. Many people over 40 ask themselves questions like, “Can I really find love at my age?” or “Are there really people still worth dating available?” The answer is a resounding yes!

One out of five relationships now begin online. And who makes up the fastest growing segment of the online dating population? You guessed it! People over 40! Online dating is the perfect solution for many of the problems people over 40 face when dating. It expands your dating pool from the handful of people you know to millions of eligible singles in your area. It lets you narrow down your preferences and weed out people who don’t meet your standards before you even meet them. Setting up an online dating profile is easy, even if you are not tech savvy.

But lets not forget about the physical aspect of being in a relationship. Many people wonder if things will be working smoothly down there, especially after an extended hiatus. To solve this particular issue, try MAXODERM penis cream. It will ensure that your date ends on a high note by providing you with a harder erection. Can you think of a better cap to your evening?

Pleasing Your Partner Means Pleasing Yourself

male creamHow do you do that? With a penis cream that can improve your erection.

A hard erection is something that every man should strive for. It means being able to pleasure your partner to the utmost and getting the most out of your time with one another. Being able to satisfy your partner will get them in the mood to satisfy you; this is how the cycle of sex should be, and it can be achieved with Maxoderm’s penis cream.

Using a cream enables you to maximize your sexual potential at will and can make sex spontaneous, which is an exciting prospect for both new and long-time partners. Another benefit of using this cream is it will help you maintain a longer-lasting erection, which automatically means a longer time spent in bed. This increases the chance of your partner receiving a  one powerful orgasm after another, thus giving them reasons to make sure you climax. Yet another positive side effect that might not be immediately apparent is the desire for the next time you two can have sex. Being able to have sex every day is a healthy thing for couples to do and promotes a better relationship that can last a very long time.

Be sure to order Maxoderm’s penis cream today.

Improve Erections Without Making Things Awkward

Discomfort of any kind can ruin sex as you get older. A temperature that is less than ideal can become a real sticking point for you or your wife when it comes to shaking the sheets. So it is a serious shame that many of the prescription solutions for erectile dysfunction also cause your face to flush, which can feel a bit like a hot flash.

If you are already dealing with the painful and emasculating problem that is even light erectile dysfunction, you really do not want to make having sex any more uncomfortable than it already is. Getting red in the face is not the way to turn your wife on, and without her excitement, it is going to be a lot harder for you to last long in bed.

MAXODERM’s much touted penis cream can give you an erection without the long wait of those prescription pills and without the disconcerting face redness. Have sex with a fresh, hard erection, and do not carry around the burden of making it awkward for her or yourself. When you start using this male cream you will find you can improve erection quality without sacrificing any of your own comfort.

Keep Sex Worthwhile with Harder Erections

harder erectionSex is not supposed to be a chore. Yet for far too many couples the act of making love becomes a scheduled and mundane task, often overlooked in favor of early bedtimes or catching up on the last few episodes of Enlightened on HBO.

As great as TV and rest might be, these days a dwindling sex life can be a terrible problem for a relationship. Adulthood should not be a time for us to become less and less connected to our intimate parts. In fact, we should use our wide array of experiences to have better sex and have more fun.

Injecting a little heat and a harder erection into the situation can help a lot. That is why MAXODERM’s penis cream is so helpful. Unlike market-leading prescription male enhancements, this is not a long-term solution that requires weeks before it takes hold. If you are feeling like you cannot get your penis to an optimal stiffness that is sure to give your spouse the orgasm you know she deserves, simply applying our cream to your shaft and penis head will have immediate and positive results.

Let the DVR handle the high quality, premium cable television of your choice. Tonight is about you, her and your penis making sex as good and as worthwhile as it ever was.

Enjoy Retirement with Harder Erections

improve erectionAs you get on in years, the everyday struggles of life don’t disappear, in fact, in many ways a whole new set of struggles to deal with come to light. Sure, there’s a comfort in knowing you’ve weathered the many uncertainties and traumas of youth, but aging brings its own set of issues along with it. Retirement can be relaxing and give you time to explore hobbies and places you’ve had to set aside as you work, but it also means learning to live on a fixed income and finding new ways to occupy your time and mind. And while these “Golden Years” often come with a sense of security and comfort, they also bring with them all the usual headaches associated with aging.

So why add another stressful situation to that list of daily difficulties? You already have plenty to worry about, shouldn’t your sex life be one of the aspects of your new life you can relax and enjoy without worry? It can be, with MAXODERM. This specially formulated product can help you gain harder erections and even allow you to last long in bed. It will reinvigorate your sex life, giving you one less worry and one more thing to enjoy with all that new found free time. Retirement can be fun, as long as you have MAXODERM.

Get Kinky and Last Longer in Bed

hard erectionAs people get older and their sex lives become less than ideal, there are a few routes out of the wilderness. In the worst cases, wives find themselves unsatisfied by their husbands’ flaccid members and find new beaus to get their rocks off, or husbands find new women that can get them harder once again.

In other cases, new forms of kinky sex play are brought into the relationship. Perhaps some elaborate costumes or fun sexual toys to stimulate new parts of the body and the psyche to simply keep things interesting. This is a great way to keep sex steamy, and with the penis-stiffening power of MAXODERM’s penis cream, you will likely have a new lease on your relationship. The key is pushing each other’s boundaries while also maintaining a hint of the love and romance that drove you together in the first place.

Allowing a product to will a hard erection to last longer longer in bed is key to trying new things. You will be shocked at how excited you become when the slight arch of your lover’s back makes you feel something you never have before. Pick up a bottle of our penis cream and let the sexual experimentation commence.

MAXODERM for Nights of Ecstasy

MAXODERMA lot of people are firm enough for the first intimate encounter of the evening, but when it comes to the encore, or the encore to the encore, a not-so hard penis becomes all too common. Why stop with just one climax? With MAXODERM, you can keep the sparks flying until daybreak. Having harder erections has never been easier with our penis cream.

It doesn’t matter if advanced age or general exhaustion has caused you to lose some of your south-of-the-border rigidity. MAXODERM will have you feeling like a teenager again, and not just for that first coital session of the night (or day), but for every one after as well. Women can enjoy multiple orgasms without losing any physical gusto, now men can too! Choosing MAXODERM will not only ensure you get more out of sex, but that your partner will too–we are referring here to both quantity and quality. You don’t need to deal with doctor’s appointments, intrusive questionnaires or drug side effects. All you have to do is order MAXODERM and apply it to your intimate region.

MAXODERM simply lets you enjoy higher quality sex more often, and that is something every couple wants! Try some today and you will wonder how you ever enjoyed sex without it.

The Right Soundtrack To Last Long in Bed

last long in bedHaving a hard erection is a major part of the sexual experience. As much as you might be able to get done with a standard middle-aged erection, the help of MAXODERM penis cream can make the experience a whole lot better for both you and your spouse.

Another thing that can vastly improve your sex is atmosphere, be it in some stylish dim lighting, softer sheets, a few well placed candles or a sultry set of songs that are romantic and have a good rhythm for sex.

Finding the right mix of songs is easy if you know what both you and your spouse love. Whether that is traditional love making classics like Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” or more peculiar romantic classics like Talking Heads’ “Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place),” finding a great soundtrack can make having sex last longer and make post-coital cuddling all the more romantic.

Make an iTunes playlist, mix CD or just put on one of your sexiest LPs before making love. You will find sharing each other’s bodies as well as some of your favorite sultry tunes will go a long way in making for a more romantic sexual experience.

Make Up for a Botched Valentine’s Day

last longer in bedHow was your Valentine’s Day? Did a romantic night culminate in a fantastic and elating moment of mutual orgasm? Did you and your wife, girlfriend, or lover find yourselves sweaty and heaving in a big messy pile of romance and sex?

Or, did you blow it?

Did you grab a bouquet of flowers at a nearby deli and whatever chocolate-filled heart was left over at the local drug store? Did this land you in the dog house?

For those that blew the most romantic day of the year, fear not. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant, a mix CD of your loved one’s favorite songs, and buy a gift that is cute and funny and lets her know you listen. Then get some MAXODERM penis cream and give her the sexual experience of a lifetime. Before you both climax, you will be out of the dog house and balls deep into her good graces.

Love is about understanding your mate’s needs and knowing when to do the little things that show you care. It is also about big gestures and celebrating them on special occasions. Messing up one of these special occasions is not a death knell for a relationship, but it is going to take a hard erection that lasts longer in bed to help her get over it.