Well, unfortunately, there are not many Natural Male Enhancement products that live up to their hype, but one of my readers recently emailed me about a new RED pill that blew his (and his partner’s) mind. After a little research on my end, I feel compelled to share this with the rest of my subscribers. Please read on …

TO: Seaver, Steffanie

SUBJECT: Red Hot Pill Partner Reaction Challenge

Dear Steffanie,

I recently received a sample for a new male enhancement product, MAXODERM POWER SURGE, in the mail. I’ve tried a few of these natural alternatives (not that I have a real problem) and I’m a relatively healthy male – but what guy WOULDN’T want an extra boost every now and then with that special someone? Well, most of the time, results from these products are somewhat underwhelming, but the moment I received this sample, I knew something was definitely different! First, this pill is RED, actually a sort of luscious red that you don’t ordinarily see. Second, and more importantly, the sample came with an interesting letter from the manufacturer. The letter didn’t make any ridiculous claims of how many inches I was going to gain, but it did make a rather bold statement that I could not get out of my head, one that intrigued me to the point I had no choice but to try this new red pill. Here’s what the letter said, verbatim:

” … take our “Partner Reaction” Challenge, simply use this FREE sample 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity and TAKE NOTE OF YOUR PARTNER’S REACTION! That’s correct. don’t believe our rhetoric, let your partner’s reaction tell the real story – we CHALLENGE your partner NOT to show a reaction to the drastic difference in your performance. We’re so sure that you’re going to agree, we’re GIVING AWAY A FREE 3 MONTH SUPPLY to the best testimonials we receive. Simply send us a paragraph or two describing your partner’s reaction to your newfound prowess. We’ll post the best descriptions we receive to our website (so keep them “clean”), and if yours is one of them, we’ll send you a full 3 MONTH SUPPLY absolutely FREE! (All personal information will be kept confidential)”

I couldn’t believe it – these guys were so confident in their product, they were literally saying MY PARTNER WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CONTAIN HER REACTION to the distinct difference in my performance. THAT’S BOLD! I mean, jeez, it’s one thing to say take a pill every day for the next 60 days and feel a difference, but to literally say – take this pill today, ONE TIME, on your very FIRST TIME trying it, and watch how your partner reacts? I was compelled to try just for the pure principle of it.

Steffanie, all I can say is, they weren’t kidding. I didn’t tell my wife I was trying it. Literally, in the middle of our “experience,” she stopped me and said, “Ok what’s going on, what did you take … ” -I couldn’t believe it! They were right! She couldn’t help but to react! Steffanie, you have to find out more about this New Red Hot Pill! Now, every time my wife and I are intimate, she asks me, “Did you take the pill?” – it’s crazy but I had to order a 3 month supply! She won’t let me go without it!